Turkish Education Association; As the first non-governmental organization in the field of education of our Republic, it came to life on January 31, 1928, in the building where the First Grand National Assembly met under the leadership of our Ancestor. TED supports the education of successful children who do not have sufficient financial means; It has a contemporary and progressive vision that aims to activate civil initiative in the field of education, to continue its educational activities in all dimensions from pre-school to higher education at the national and international level, and to play an active role in the effort to protect and develop civilizational values. In the first charter of the association, it was stated that "The Association does not pursue any political purpose and is only engaged in helping the education and training of the youth of the country." The basic purpose expressed as remains valid today. Turkish Education Association carries out its work by adhering to this principle both yesterday and today.

Mission of Turkish Education Association

– Establishing schools that provide education in Turkish and foreign languages and opening dormitories to accommodate students

– To raise highly qualified students in schools

– To provide successful children with insufficient financial means the opportunity to continue their education by providing scholarships throughout the country.

– Creating scientific platforms that will bring Turkish education standards to contemporary levels

– To raise public awareness about the problems and solutions of the education system through research projects

– Having a say in the creation of Turkish education policy

Turkish Education Association, which preserves and develops its heritage in every period by adhering to this mission and charter, continues its work for equality of opportunity in education. Turkish Education Association; It is a big family with its students, parents, sports clubs, alumni associations, thousands of graduates, volunteers and employees who hold important positions in many different fields in our country. Today, just like yesterday, it is a future project.

It will always continue to protect and glorify the legacy envisaged by the founding staff of our Republic under the leadership of our Ancestor.

Originally named “Türk Maarif Cemiyeti”, our association has been successfully operating under the name “Turkish Education Association” since 1946.

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