TEDMEM contributes to the enhancement of the education system and the promotion of equal educational opportunities through its research endeavors.

The primary objective of TEDMEM is to contribute to a more prosperous future for all children within the nation. Prioritizing the implementation of education policies aimed at enabling children to realize their potential regardless of their circumstances into which they are born, stands at the forefront of TEDMEM's agenda.

TEDMEM adopts supra-political approach when addressing education-related matters. Embracing the principle of evidence-based decision-making in educational policy, TEDMEM endeavors to bridge the gap between knowledge and policy for the public good, aspiring to be the nation's most reliable authority in analyzing education policies.

Diverging from conventional paradigms in educational policymaking, TEDMEM’s focus extends beyond the issues currently on the education system's agenda, encompassing issues that merit attention and should be on the agenda. TEDMEM embraces a forward-looking perspective that integrates future with present and international trends with our cultural heritage.

What is MEM? As a non-governmental organization, TEDMEM recognizes the importance of being productive, innovative, and impactful. The concept of MEM, which stands for the social and cultural equivalent of the gene, embodies the codes and units containing information about social and cultural life.

Our Vision
To contribute to the establishment of an education system where our children find happiness.

Our Mission
To facilitate the development and implementation of innovative and impactful educational policies grounded in evidence and data, while reinforcing the societal perception of the "indispensability of education."

Our Work
• Conducts research and publish reports to inform education policies and raise public awareness.
•Analyses and provides insights on relevant issues that constitute the agenda of education policy or practices.
•Organizes scientific events such as meetings, conferences and workshops to deliberate educational issues and devise solutions.

Our Method
• Monitors both national and international education agendas closely and develops evidence-based arguments and policy recommendations based on reliable data.
• Disseminates education-related debates to the public in a comprehensible and engaging manner.
• Serves as a liaison between diverse education stakeholders.
• Establishes platforms to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and solutions among education stakeholders including teachers, thought leaders, policymakers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, private sector entities, media professionals, and academics, fostering collaborative efforts towards common goals.

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